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Hey guys, I'm currently scouting for jobs and working on hobby projects. Michael (my old classmate) and I have decided to continue working on our game from our final third year of our Degree.

To keep myself busy I decided to practice a bunch of programming interview questions. The list I am using as a reference is available here. I finished most of the first section and have aleady learnt a few new things. Most of these qustions are very straight foward but they are good practice none the less.

I have uploaded my code for these if you want to have a look. It is available here.

Another useful programming link is it is a very useful website that can help youimprove your programmning whilst still having a lot of fun. It takes out all the headache of setting up a game / engine etc. and simply lets you code solutions to various problems with a lovely interface and various scenarios. Check it out!

Currently I am looking for a programming job. I have noticed on TradeMe jobs there are hundreds of positions for senior developers as well as .net programmers. I have decided to go ahead and learn more .net as it may be very useful it the future. I have also downloaded Unity 5 now that it is free to touch up my knowledge on that.

I am going to add an old project I worked on last year for a weeks to my portfolio. The project was generating scrabble board layouts from a random word list. The idea came to me when I was at a friends place and saw their shower curtain was a giant sprawl of connect scrabble words. I added multi-threading, a scoring system (generates multiple boards, rates them using a fitness function and then picks the best) and a camera style system. Pretty basic, but it was fun to make!

Finally got this website up and running. Had some difficulties switching the DNS to the Wix nameserver. In the end I just made my website point to the Wix IP using the CName records. Just starting this blog, I really wish I had a place to post things earlier in my life. There are so many awesome projects I have worked on and a blog is such a good way to gather thoughts and stay on track etc.

Anyway this is my first post, I'm going to try to consistently post something interesting every few days, optimally something I am currently working on but if not, I will share something archived. Blog posts will contain anything from programming, game development and programming to abstract discussions or ideas.

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