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Coding, Garry's Mod

I've finished almost half of the medium challenges on Codingame now, I find them very fun to do when I have a spare section of time or I need to change my focus for awhile. I downloaded Cocos2D-x the other day to use as a framework for making TrainZ. The largest benefit is the multi-platform support while still being a very low level framework (giving me a large amount of freedom & power). I also spent a bit of time the last few days setting up a Perforce server for myself and my team. Learning about networking is really interesting and I realise I have just entered a door to a very large, and deep topic.

To post something interesting, here is an AI controlled search and destroy drone I built in Garry's Mod a few years back. I never completely finished it but it features several cool things:

- 99% of the drone is built with holograms (parented to the E2 chip)

- Target recognition and decision making

- Loose prop searching

- Target assasination / attacking

- Typical drone commands such as: follow, stay, roam, circle etc.

- Arm laser sight targeting

- Uses quaternion / applytorque rotation

- Infinitely spawning missile launcher

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