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Interview Practice

Hey guys, I'm currently scouting for jobs and working on hobby projects. Michael (my old classmate) and I have decided to continue working on our game from our final third year of our Degree.

To keep myself busy I decided to practice a bunch of programming interview questions. The list I am using as a reference is available here. I finished most of the first section and have aleady learnt a few new things. Most of these qustions are very straight foward but they are good practice none the less.

I have uploaded my code for these if you want to have a look. It is available here.

Another useful programming link is it is a very useful website that can help youimprove your programmning whilst still having a lot of fun. It takes out all the headache of setting up a game / engine etc. and simply lets you code solutions to various problems with a lovely interface and various scenarios. Check it out!

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