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Train Game, Interview Questions

Hello, I have been kept fairly occupied in searching for jobs the past week. I spent some time working on the core mechanics for the train game I have listed in my current projects.

This included:

- Randomised track generation

- Background tile system

- Track track path following

Making good randomised track generation is very difficult, especially when you have strict criteria to how you want the final output to look like. On top of this, Unreal Engine 4's 2D support is still quite low and the Paper2D system itself is very new and still in development. I have already faced several engine bugs that I was not able to fix unfortunately.

I also spent some time completing the "strings" section of interview questions from last week. I have re-updated my code and uploaded it here. I will probably stop with these questions at this point as I have created implementations for all of the others previously and they are much more time consuming (and tiresome!). If I have time though, I may pick out some of the more difficult or interesting ones to show my approach etc.

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