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Cube Runner [UE4, C++]

Cube Runner style game for mobile & PC. Currently have a working system with procedural generation, piece "cooldown", turning pieces and a movement / control system. Level selection system is currently being implemented with more advanced floor piece types (dynamic, physic's based, multi-path etc.).



- Endless style gameplay

- Snappy, obstacle avoiding movement

- Multiple "floor piece" types with procedural generation

- Turn pieces

- Jumps & drops

- Dynamic obstacles

- Classic & advanced modes

- Level selection 

2D Mining Game [Unity, C#]

2D side-scroller mining game based off of Motherload. Unity with c#.

Features / ideas:

- Controllable flying robot / miner

- Tile based terrain

- Fog of war

- Infinite depth / width

- Chunk based tile loading

- Combat system

- Upgrades

- Enemies

- Different tiers of ores / resources

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