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Work Time Logger

Hello, now that I'm pretty busy working full time, hobby projects are probably going to get a lot less attention. None the less I motivated myself to work on a new project this week which would help improve my workflow at GGG. I created a simple program that would allow me to clock in / clock out for logging my work hours. The program handles breaks, outputting to text file, outputting to excel file, emailing the final time-sheet, running on startup and contains both a small and large interface depending on your needs. I used VS2015 with C# Windows Forms to create it and had a lot of fun! C# is an incredibly easy language and allows you to skip the nitty gritty and get straight into coding the functionality. This is particularly noticeable with the toolbox, properties system and the hundreds of pre-setup classes handling almost anything you need. The only functionality I could not get from the vanilla C# classes was reading / writing to extended excel documents (.xlxs). For this I used NPOI which was very easy to setup and use. I definitely recommend C# as a good coding starter and entrance to writing Windows apps / programs.

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