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Path of Exile, Hobby Projects

Been away for two weeks and have got a new job working with Grinding Gear Games developing Path of Exile. It has been extremely interesting so far and the more I learn, the better it gets! It is very exciting working on such an amazing and successful game right here in New Zealand.

Unfortunately though this means I have a lot less time to work on my hobby projects. The TrainZ project has been very rocky due to me being so undecided with what engine / framework to use and difficulties in regards to train tracks. Including simple, limited track pieces is quite boring and has been done a lot of times. With this project I really want to use Bezier curves in order to make fun and unique tracks though the levels. There is a reason why this hasn't been done much though; Dynamically generated Bezier curves for train track following is a very difficult system to get working correctly. I am learning more about how it has been done previously and improving my knowledge in regards to Bezier curves, splines and path following.


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